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“The Marvellous Elephant Man the Musical" Leaves Plethora of Five-Star Reviews in its Wake Ahead of Prestigious Green Room Award Nominations

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The entertainment landscape is buzzing with excitement as "The Marvellous Elephant Man the Musical," fresh off its premier sell-out national season, announces not one, but three prestigious Green Room Award nominations. The critically acclaimed production, which won the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Critics’ Circle Award and received countless five star reviews, is now making waves with its nominations in multiple categories, including Best Writing of a New Musical and Best Lead of a New Musical.

The Book of Mormon meets Beauty and the Beast, f#@%ing Rocky Horror Picture Show, seducing Young Frankenstein, as told by Billy Connolly!'This production is pure joy' ABC Radio Smart Arts

Jayan Nandagopan, Christopher HF Mitchell, Marc Lucchesi, Sarah Nanadagopan

The Green Room nominations include Best Writing of a New Musical for the talented trio Marc Lucchesi, Sarah Nandagopan, and Jayan Nandagopan, whose exceptional craftsmanship in storytelling and composition has set a new standard for musical theatre. In the Best Lead of a New Musical category, Kanen Breen's portrayal of Doctor Treves and Ben Clark's rendition of John Merrick have earned them each a nomination, recognizing their outstanding performances that bring depth and humanity to their characters. "The Marvellous Elephant Man the Musical" is co-directed by Melbourne's own Christopher HF Mitchell and Olivier-award winner Guy Masterson, marking a collaboration that brings together some of the finest talents in the theatre world. The show's success at the Adelaide Fringe and its continued acclaim in Melbourne & Sydney is a testament to its unique blend of satire, entertainment, artistry, and social commentary.

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The show comes off a bumper season at the iconic Sydney Spiegeltent, and over 18,000 tickets sold nationally, where audiences were invited to experience this “OUTRAGEOUSLY ENTERTAINING" (The Advertiser) musical that has been one of the most talked-about shows of the season. Building on its domestic success and critical acclaim, "The Marvellous Elephant Man the Musical" is poised for international recognition. With discussions currently underway, the production team is thrilled to announce that the show is on standby to tour internationally, bringing its unique satirical styling, powerful message and unforgettable entertainment to audiences around the globe. This expansion not only highlights the universal appeal of the musical's story and production quality but also marks a significant milestone in its journey from a celebrated Australian original to a potential global phenomenon. The team is eager to share further updates as plans for the international tour solidify, promising to bring this extraordinary theatrical experience to new heights and new audiences.

“I am convinced that is only a matter of time before this production becomes a main stage musical in the West End and on Broadway, with tickets costing an arm and a leg and audiences having to book a year or more in advance, so catch it now and be one of the few who can say that they saw it before it became famous.” Barry Lenny - Broadway World
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